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Visit Monumental Plaques, a Division of Neales Foundry - New Zealand's Premier Producer of High Quality Bronze Cast Plaques for Monuments or Memorials  Neales Foundry is the Exclusive Supplier of Memorial Plaques to VANZ - Veteren's Affairs New Zealand

Proud to be the exclusive supplier of memorial plaques to Veteren's Affairs New Zealand (VANZ)

Foundry History:

Neales Foundry was originally founded by Ernie Neale in 1969. Ernie emigrated from England to fulfill a two-year contract with William Cables, who at the time was operating in Gracefield, Lower Hutt . Ernie left Cables to work for Ben Snow, located behind Maleable castings, who were also in Lower Hutt. In 1969 Ernie left to set up Neales Foundry from the basement of his home in Moores Valley, Wainuomata. Neales Foundry was originally set up as a Green Sand Foundry. As Neales Foundry grew The company relocated to the Hutt and moved in with Harding Signals whom at the time were located at the bottom of the Wainuomata Hill. The company employed three full-time staff. The company primarily worked for Harding Traffic signals and Stephens Dental Equipment.

During the mid 1970s Neales relocated to its new premises at 48 Sydney Steet Petone. Around this time a moulder was brought in from England by the name of John Ataway. John worked for the company for several years before purchasing it of Ernie 1979 . The name thus changed to Neales Foundry 1979 LTD. The foundry continued to operate from Sydney Street with the staff being reduced to 1 - John's son.

In 1981 due to ill health John sold the company to Chris Bowen and Dudly King, accordingly the name changed to Neales Foundry 1981 Limited. Still operating from the same address the Foundry increased staff numbers to five. In 1984 the foundry was relocated to 18 Sydney Street Petone and the staff numbers were increased to 10. In 1985 the partnership of Bowen & King ended. Dudley King continued to run and manage the business by himself. In 1993 the company relocated to the premises of 7 Gough Street Seaview. The company now occupied a 900square-meter factory. The number of employees now grew to Twenty staff. Still primarily a Green sand foundry. The Foundry was then sold to Dean & Blair Frampton in May 1999 . Dudly and Wife Jenny King relocated to Blenheim to pursue their interests in Grape Growing.

The name has since been changed to Neales Foundry ( 2000 ) Limited. The past five years have seen significant evolution in the company. The company was restructured from 1999-2002 at which time a change in direction was imminent. During this transition stage significant technical expertise was introduced and a computerised production system also implemented.

For production and increased capacity a hard sand loop-system with sand reclamation was installed in late 2002. An induction furnace was also purchased at this time. The most significant change however has seen the company move away from green sand casting and eliminate the inherent problems associated with it. This evolution has been essential in securing the foundries future.

The company relocated to its new industrial site in Kinleith Grove, Porirua in late 2003 and now operates out a purpose built 8,000sq-meter site with state of the art facilities.

The foundry was sold to Wayne & Judy Siebritz on the 21 January 2011. Wayne & Judy heil from Cape Town South Africa. Wayne started his apprenticeship as a Moulder/Coremaker in January 1980 at the tender age of seventeen under the guidance of his father Graham Siebritz as his journeyman. With almost 31 years Foundry experience, he is now at the helm of Neales Foundry and still on Tools and Floor Moulding.

The company continues to prosper under the ownership of Wayne & Judy Siebritz - Click Here to Contact Neales Foundry